Trying to put on muscle for upcoming kickboxing tournament?

Trying to put on muscle for upcoming kickboxing tournament?

can any guys or girls help me with this

can any one help


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  • For kickboxing it should be strength, stamina and endurance you're working on.

    I'm sure I don't need to describe what you can do for card, as for strength I'd suggest back, shoulders and legs should be your targets with some core workouts. If you have access to a gym then this will be much easier, if you don't then you'll just have to do with pushups, and chinups. For the latter two you just need to find a beam somewhere that will support your weight.

    Add some squats in for legs.


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  • you don't need muscle when your kick boxing, you need strength. Do plyometrics... plyo pushups etc. look some stuff up online. Muscle looks intimidating but it slows you down and you need to be quick. Focus on your techniques and strength train and condition after you practice what you know. Muscle = some little quick guy kicking you upside the head.

  • hehe, you don't need muscles for kick boxing, it's all about stamina, technique and strength. Going by your question, U'r a wanna-be kick boxer.

  • strength and stamina it's what you need

    just do cardio and pratice your kickboxing and eat stuff which gives you lot of energy


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