Anyone ever shaved your eyebrows?

I did it because I wanted to try drawing on different shapes.

One time I accidentally tweezed them way too much and had to draw them on for a while and I loved being able to change the shape.

I always make them look super natural with soft strokes and a natural shape, not like a thin line or all crazy or dark.

Anyways, I was lucky and they grew back after I overtweezed them that one time, but I thought I would try shaving once because it takes less time to grow back. I drew some today, took a pic, and my friends couldn't even tell I did anything, so I thought that was a good sign.

So the question is, have you ever shaved yours and if so, what was your experience? Did you grow them back and was it really awkward? Were they spiky and did you use pencil to cover it? Basically, how did it go?

I plan to grow mine back, by they way. It was just something I wanted to try once.
i was hoping to get more input from people who have actually shaved their eyebrows, either in whole or in part at some time, but thanks to everyone for answering and commenting. it's just something I wanted to try once, and from what I found online,
people who have done it say it takes about 1 to 2 months to grow completely back. but again, thanks to everyone for commenting as your comments suggest it's best not to shave repeatedly, as it could alter the way the eyebrows grow.
in case, my question was confusing, I ALREADY shaved them off before I asked this question. I purchased an eyebrow kit with natural shadows and drew on some that I liked better. I was just curious about other people's experience with growing them back.
it's been almost a month now and they are def growing back. they are a little funny, but I'm thinking in another month, they will be pretty much back to normal :)


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  • Yes. My brother dared me to shave them off. I did. It was f***ing hilarious going out in public and seeing the way people looked at me. I'd do it again.


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  • I shaved my left eyebrow off for a bet once.

    That's about all the input I have to give here, sorry. :(

  • lol


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  • I wouldn't recommend you continue doing that. I'd put in the money each month to go to a salon and get them waxed or something. First of all, shaving them can mess up the hairs over time and they may stop growing in altogether, or grow in weird. Also, shaved eyebrows are unappealing to most people. The idea of no hairs there can gross some people out. Not trying to offend you, just trying to advise you. Even when the pencil can look realistic, it is always very easy to tell when eyebrows are drawn in.

    • as I mentioned, I only shaved them this once. also, I would be grossed out by someone who finds a certain type of eyebrow "gross" as that seems extremely shallow to me. the other thing is, waxing and tweezing damage the hair follicle for sure, whereas with shaving, there's only a chance of that happening, and usually only if the eyebrows are shaved repeatedly (which, again, I'm not doing). but thanks for your input.

    • I'm sorry, I'm not meaning to offend you. I was merely trying to state that most people are that shallow, and tend to think that way. I'm sorry if it's kind of an upsetting statement.

      And it might damage the hair follicle, but if you're getting them professionally waxed, it shouldn't matter because the shape will probably be nice, and you'll probably continue to get them waxed that way.

  • I have, but really just the in between because I didn't have enough time to pluck before I left. I regretted it once stubble came in that was too short to pluck. ew!


    If you would like I can send you a message about how to PERFECTLY pluck them for your face shape.

    As a young girl, I struggled with getting my eyebrows even/groomed and now I am so happy that I didn't do anything crazy to them when I was young.

    You can ALWAYS go thin ... I say start thick than pluck away what you would like.

    I have many tips that I would love to share with you, if you would like.

    Shaving splits the hairs from the surface and make it look like more hair is really there when in reality it is multiple 'strands' coming out of one root, not only that but they become rough after a while.

    Good luck !

    • i only shaved them once, and I actually want them to be thicker. they aren't too thin, but the arch is higher than I would like from years of plucking.

  • gosh I would never ever ever shave off my eye brows! An eyebrowless face looks SO ALIEN! I certainly don't recommend it, even though you are drawing them in later. There's a certain way that a browbone curves and if you draw a shape that's different to your bone structure.. it might look terrible. I highly recommend letting your eyebrows grow back then go to a beauty salon and ask them to professionally shape them for you. And let them know what you want.. if it's a high arch etc..

    to be honest, old women draw their eyebrows since their natural brows are all thinning away.

    • um, yeah it looks alien, that's kinda the point haha. but anyways, yeah I draw mine in natural looking. I have been shaping my own brows for years and have done it for other people too, I always make them look super natural, but over the years I basically made them arched, and now I would like to experiment more with the shape. plus, I have already tried most shapes, and found the ones that look best and worst, so I get what you mean.

  • What would happen if you went swimming

    • the eyebrow powder I got is waterproof. I was surprised, but it didn't come off when I wiped it with a wet cloth, I have to use vaseline or oil to take it off. also, I pretty much never go swimming lol. and my friends would not care if they saw me with no eyebrows anyways lol.

    • Well that's cool (:

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