He hates me, but he always look at me?

I know this guy from my class..last time we use to look each other..that time we was like a little bit shy..then,there,s another guy flirt at me in front of him..he notice that..that is when he started not to look at me anymore..and he thought I like that guy..but the truth is..i like him..its really frustrated to look at him become more2 and more cold towards me..he Doesn't smile..n always go out class earlier..i don't even had the chance to look at him..cause he always sit at the back..i know that he notice I'm looking at him..

After few months ,he started to cool down a little..we talk once..i even send him a message telling him that I like him..when he wanted to ask a blank paper from me..its really hard to have a conversation with him..cause the fact the I still like him..i thought after the conversation we will be ok..but on the next day ,he won't want to talk to me again..i do notice that he look at me often..but he Doesn't want to talk to me..once, I called his name..he'll ignore me..that why I scared to talk to him all the time..after that I started not to look at him..then after that he always appear in front of me..he was not like that before..if he really want me to forget about him..why doesn he appear in front of me..why don't he just leave me..i Doesn't know what he want..what does he thinking?i just don't get it...its really hard for me cause I still like him...can anyone respond?
thanks for the comment guys..well..he still act the same ...maybe I'll keep on eye on him by now..haha..


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  • Really a weird situation, I am sure he don't hate you, I don't know why he react like that, is he intereested in you, just try to be kind and caring to him, maybe he will change for you one day .

    Good luck :)


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  • From what you wrote: he's shy. He may not act shy at times, but trust me he's a shy person. I know this because I'm like that, depending on how I feel I won't even be able to talk to a girl on certain days. IMHO in situations like this just go in head-on and tell him how you feel.


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