Why do people sometimes say I look innocent and act like I live in my own bubble?

It;s not as though everyone else doesn't live in their own bubble too. And I just find it so annoying when they make it out like i;m completely unaware of the world or something, I'm 22 years old! And I am not stupid! Do I have to have a sign on my head saying I'm not so innocent, I just am really begininng to hate this word :(

Is it really that bad?

Do you think they mean it in a bad way?

And then they always ask if I know many people or if I go out a lot, I don't understand why they look at me like I'm stupid or something/ innocent, whatever you want to call it

please can someone explain what they mean by this? And if it;s really so bad?



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  • I don't know if they mean it, this way, but that CAN be a compliment. Some people, like my on/off GF, become bitter, hardened & less trusting as they get older because they've been hurt. When a girl your age remains as innocent as trusting as you have by your age, it's like she has a little girl quality still about her, and it's SOOO sweet, it's EXTREMELY appealing & makes people feel good! I don't mean to put you down or say you're not mature AT ALL! My first girlfriend started as just friends til I took her to Diamondhead with me on my family vacation, and I bought her a raft & giant beach ball because she'd never owned anything like that before. When we got in the pool & I began blowing them up, she lit up like a child who's finally seen Santa Clause, & my heart melted! I fell in love with her INSTANTLY...

    • I didn't mean to unfriend YOU, just someone who doesn't use this site anymore. Sorry

    • I REALLY never meant to be ugly! I feel guilty now & hope You send another friend request

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  • It means you look young, fresh, and well-tempered.

    You wouldn't get these compliments if you appeared like a meth-addict and was painted with tramp stamps.

    • so its suppose to be a compliment?

      i don't know but lately I've just been taking it negatively because I feel like I don't want to be treated like such a baby, it kindof makes me feel like they think I'm stupid or something , like unaware of my surroundings, and its not true, I am aware fully

    • It could be a lot worse, babyfacethatsunaware :)

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  • In many ways it's like they want to see your reaction, kind of like "how are you" and everyone answers fine, but the truth is they are sizing you up by how you respond. It is usually a compliment, others make it into a back handed compliment. It's better to get this kind of labeling than slut or whore etc., so don't take it too seriously or in a bad way.

  • Hey, I know exactly what you mean. I feel like that at school. With my close friends I can be loud and joke around and basically be myself, but at school, for some reason, I feel like I have to be nice all the time. I mean don't get me wrong I like being nice...it's just I feel like they wouldn't understand that I have some of the same interests that they do...that I like hip hop music or that I CAN dance for example...and it seems like it's too late/hard to change their views about me now. But you know what? They don't view me negatively or anything...you as well. I mean at least our reputations aren't bad...you know? And, for me anyway, I don't plan on making this way of acting permanent. I'd rather be outgoing and speak my mind! By the way, do you act the way you do intentionally or it just comes across that way?

    • not at all! that's why I'm annoyed!lol because I don't feel I do anything purposely or at all anyway for them to think this way, and then sometimes I get offended by it, because i;m really not trying to be something, and neither would I even wish to be considered like this so much, and I don't feel I live in my bubble, I actualy just wish they would let me be

    • I told this one guy that it bothered me when he acted like I was naive and he apologized and hasn't acted that way since. Maybe you should just politely confront the people about it or drop hints that you're not as "in a bubble" as you seem to them. I'm not saying for you to suddenly change who you are...just don't be afraid and defend yourself when they make silly remarks...If worst comes to worst, just don't let them see it bothers you and they'll hopefully tire of it! =)

  • They think you're naive. But it could just be what you look like. Sometimes people don't have great evidence to back up their theories. Are these other girls who are saying this to you? If so, they're just hating b*tches.

    • itsboth, girls and guys too, but not everyone though, I prefer when people don't say stuff like that because its just I duno I think its not needed

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    • Of course. Those who date around and have a lot of long-term relationships aren't good at reading people and probably don't wait long enough to get to know someone before jumping into a relationship. If you have standards and know what you're looking for, it's OK to wait for a good one. But it's better to be friends first so you can read their character w/o lust clouding your vision.

    • that is very true! I liked a guy a lot and I think that's probably all it was, like you said, lust clouding my vision, he just wanted to have fun though, so I left it, but I was still upset, but you're right, it couldn't have been anything deeper

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