Do I sound fickle or like I enjoy variety?

my clothing style is mostly flirty, girly, feminine. but some days I'm wearing jeans and a cute blouse, the next day it's yoga pants and a tee shirt, the next day a sundress. all outfits are in the same general category though.

my hair is naturally curly and I usually wear it curly and down, but sometimes I straighten it or wear it up.

my makeup changes sometimes too. normally it's very natural and neutral (browns and pinks) but other times I do it darker with blacks and reds. nothing too crazy though.


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  • You sound exactly like me, I like to change things up I can go from a hoodie and jeans to a dress and heels the next day, natural make up to hoochie makeup.

    I say keep doing it, it's your body and there is nothing wrong with trying new things


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