What to do after eye contact?

When I'm in bars, the making of eye-contact doesn't seem to be the biggest problem. I think I'm reasonably attractive and it often happens that I have short eye-contact with a cute girl or a girls is smiling at me.

Still I find it very hard to approach them, I mean I know they MIGHT like me, but they're 10/20 meters away and I don't got a 'cause' to go and talk to them. And if I wait to long most girls will definitely have noticed that I was hesitating for too long.

So girls, whenever I have some kind of(short) eye-contact, and maybe a smile, what's the next step?

How do I approach her?

When do I approach her?

And what do I say(don't you get very very bored by all the cheesy pickup-lines guys use, like 'do you come here often' and 'you're the most beautiful girl in the club'?



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  • smile back wait 20 seconds walk over to her and say something like "have we meet before you look really familiar" like maybe at work or something pick something were a lot of people could be around you and then name it...or say " hey I saw you from across the room and I was just wondering if you wanted to dance?" but personally I like going the funny rout I love when a guy comes up to me and makes a joke about how guys are so unoriginal about pick up lines, or even something else that is funny because if a guy can make me laugh its automatically going to make me like them more...


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  • Hahaah, omg the pick up lines are a no no! I don't know what to tell you, it just happens. If a girl is sending you signals that she's into you buy her a drink and ask her to dance, nothing corny like pick up lines just be yourself and go with it!

  • I wouldn't use lines, I've never heard a good one, just be yourself say hi and have a conversation with her, treat her like a lady and be respectful and you can't go far wrong

  • Go up to her and say "Hi" and introduce yourself. :)

    • That's def the best way to go. Had a guy come up to me once, offer me his hand and tell me his name. Worked better than any pick up line I've ever heard.

What Guys Said 1

  • How do I approach her?

    On your legs.

    When do I approach her?

    As soon as you've gotten some signal from her. The extended eye contact, or smile, or whatever.

    what do I say

    "Hi. I'm "

    • Yep, don't worry man... its not the going up to her and starting to talk to her that ever seems to be the problem - its making sure you walk away with her as interested she was when she made eye contact lol...

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