What do guys like on girls the most?

Clothing wise.



Jogging Pants.



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What Guys Said 1

  • I like a nice dress on a girl


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys probably have a better idea but I'm pretty sure they like feminine clothes like dresses on a gal, but It really depends on the guy :) High school guys, in their malicious ways, LOVE girls in skirts 2mm long -_- I hope its not the same for older guys

    • What? I'm in high school and the skirt part is only 1/2 true (I wouldn't mind seeing those BUT it's not what I prefer at all!)

    • 2mm? in american units would be... ? inches

      i myself prefer a more feminine girl. but I get it, you have your days when you don't want to do all that. trust me, I get it. lol

    • I went a bi over the top with the whole '2mm' skirt length XD But a lot of the gals at my school who get the guys have skirts what seriously, are only about 5cm long, if that 0-0 Many a scarring sight I have seen by a blow of the wind :)

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