What does this facial expression mean?

I saw this cute girl in class and she saw me looking at her and I looked away shyly. then maybe 3 minutes later I looked again we made eye contact I smiled then she looked down ( she was slouching in her chair in a way where her face was still visible) and smiled and raised her eyebrows up.

so I was wondering if this meant something like

wow he's cute

wow what a weirdo

why is he smiling at me I am surprised

or something else?


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  • I do this all the time. I'm not sure if she did this for the same reason I do, but I know that I do this usually when I find someone attractive and or I just made eye contact with someone I might like. I hope this helps!


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  • oh, that is a good sign! 8D

    Usually when a girl raises her eyebrows she is either surprised (which in your case is a good surprised, she was so obviously flirting with you) or -- more often -- then are offering a "question." She's somewhat submitting to you, telling you to ask her the question she's dying to hear.


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