Should We Push For Less Sexy Halloween Costumes?

Every year I see tons of my friends post the same general thing. They have a young daughter between 10-18 and they are having trouble finding a costume that does not look sexual. Gender neutral costumes sell out fast and there aren't as many.

Many end up giving up and making their own. Which is great but not everyone has the time and resources.

At the same time a number of my women friends get frustrated trying to find a store bought costume that isn't a sexy witch, sexy nurse, sexy vampire etc.

So do you think as a society we should be pushing for more costumes that aren't so sexual?
Yes we should push for more there aren't enough choices.
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Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to say women can't wear sexy if they want.
My point was more if most sold costumes are labelled sexy then are women left with no choice but to buy one, or make their own?
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Nor am I saying there is a problem with making your own costume.
But if a women or older girl wants a store bought costume and the only options for them what messages are we sending as a culture.
And yes obviously this is not a question about a life or death topic. We are allowed to talk about whatever on here.
Should We Push For Less Sexy Halloween Costumes?
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