What is there special about women you respect?

How are they different?


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  • Women who have respect respect themselves first of all. They don't get picked up by guys with flashy cars and such things. They don't put up with men who are too aggressive or too flirtatious.

    We expect men to listen to what we say. They don't have to agree but they have to let us have our opinions and points of view.

    Especially when we are talking about our families and other realy important issues, we demand that men take our situations into account.


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  • A womanis special who knows where she comes from and is loyal to it.she doesn't try to be like everone else and conform to Anglo norms.

    It's a lot harder than it sounds once you have ventured outside your own community. In the mainstream world there are immense pressures to be look the women in the media.even if those aren't real, that's what most women try to be like.

  • Women carry themselves with dignity. They don't dress provocatively, and they don't engage in sexual banter with someone they barely know. They prefer to get to know someone in a social context, watch how they act in groups and when they don't know they are being watched.and evaluated!

    We may not be 'wild' but we have firm opinions and don't always go 'with the flow.', and we are proud of it!

    We get very angry at disrespect from ANYONE and won't tolerate it.

  • woman? loads of things!

    we don't show off the way men do, we don't play football or watch tv for a long time or play on the computer a lot. We shop! We don't talk about ourselves too much and we don't fight at school (not often because we usually set with a dress)


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  • The main "special" aspect about certain women I respect is honesty. So many people in the world use defense mechanisms and beat around the bush, so anytime I meet a girl who can really tell me how she feels and thinks I find respect her greatly.

  • I think the biggest thing I respect about women is when women truly treat themselves with respect I think a big thing is when they act around guys. I think its really cool when girls think as themselves as equal to guys not saying they aren't they are but it happens to much with the "man in the relationship" cmon now its 2008 every1 is equal this isn't the 60's

  • They're honest.

    They try to communicate clearly.

    They try to be kind and friendly.

    They respect themselves.

    They respect other people.

    They're aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

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