If you could change these things about you, what would it be?

1. Hair color
2. Eye color
3. Skin tone
4. Height
5. (girls:) breast size (guys:) pp size
6. Body Type
7. Voice Type
8. Fashion style

And for new things...
9. What talents do you want?
10. Would you be more social or to yourself?
11. Who would you date if you could (in your life or celebrity)
12. What kind of personality do you want?
13. Lose a vice, gain a virtue?
14. What career would you actually want?
15. Would you change your diet?

*You don't have to change yourself*

for me (i have and what i want)
1. black brown, want light brown
2. hazel, want brighter hazel
3. very pale, want olive tone
4. 5'5, want about 5'8
5. negative a cup, want a cup
6. fit, want fit
7. unique and sounds sing songy, want my voice a little deeper
8. 2000s girly girl, want 50s teen (its not easy to find everywhere)

9. I want to be good at singing, drawing, and writing
10. I would stay super introverted because it isn't hard to be in social situations either way
11. I would date a guy that I was talking to last year but lost touch
12. my personality is overly sweet, nervous, and funny because nothing i say makes sense and I would want strangers to think I am smarter and i want people in my life to think I'm stronger than I show
13. vice- be less panicky / virtue- be more self confident
14. I'm a housekeeper and when I am older I would be something artistic like singer, artist, writer, dancer, actress, or I would create new clothing
15. I am vegan and I would stay vegan because I like it

I know its a lot but it's fun to think about
1 mo
1. what is your hair color
8. by fashion i mean clothes
11. who are the people
12. whats your personality
14. describe your career
15. whats your diet

It goes with my body well and i dont have to wear bras, plus i dont care if anyone likes it or not because i look good with them lol
1 mo
the update was a reply to someone, not an update lol
If you could change these things about you, what would it be?
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