What do you look for attraction wise in a date?

What do you look for (attraction wise) in guy or girl that you want to potentially date?


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  • The first thing that draws anyone to someone else is how they look. If she's clean and put together, then that's a plus. If I find her cute or pretty then I'll feel more attracted to her and want to make a move. Once I'm talking to a girl, if she acts nice and sweet then I want to talk to her. If she acts like a bitch, then I'm really turned off from her. If she has a sense of humor and can laugh/joke around then it takes the edge off of things in a major way. If she can act natural and not force herself to act overly nice or interesting, then another plus. Being fake would be tough for me because I would want to call her out on it, but wouldn't know how to do it nicely. Just be natural so I can be as well.

    Not sure if any of this is what you were looking for.

  • Someone I get along with well, who speaks her mind, looks good enough, healthy and good character.


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