Are these "good" nervous gestures?

I like this girl and we talk quite a lot and joke and stuff. I've noticed recently that a lot of times when we are talking she rubs her eye uncontrollably and says "she has something in her eye", but its almost like every other time we talk, its like she has a debris magnet in there but she wears glasses and we are indoors most of the time, so I don't know how something can get in there so often. Also, when we aren't talking but we are within feet of each other, she applies chapstick, her lips don't really look dry or anything, they are perfect haha. I heard that girls tend to draw attention to their mouths when they are attracted to a guy. I mean, once or twice I wouldn't think anything of it, but almost every time we are close is either the eye thing or the chapstick thing and its not like I'm just looking at what she is doing while she is far away, she does it in front of me, am I just paranoid people?
Do you have any nervous gestures that you notice? I know I tend to scratch my face or look at my phone a lot haha.


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  • When I want to kiss someone, I tend to like my lips, and I try really hard not too because I notice when my boyfriend does it, and he probably notices me do it. But chapstick I apply when I'm going to be near him, subconsciously she could be drawing your attention there. But if you like her then go for it, and don't be so paranoid just because you like her. But then, girls just like having nice lips all the time!

  • maybe a little paranoid xD

    i tend to avoid eye contact a lot ..

    or change the subject drastically

    or won't stand still xD

    • haha I know, but the eye rubbing drives me nuts, she is like up to her wrist in the eye, I'm willing to buy her some Visine to go with the chapstick or something lol.

    • lol ...

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