What do girls/women like to gossip about, and why?

my days of eavesdropping chicks conversation at school are over. and I'm never around when they gossip. but the times that I had, I didn't pick up on what they were gossiping about because their convos didn't interest me. plus chicks are really unpredictable on what they gossip about(not to be sexes). so I'm just curious to find out what you chicks love to gossip about and why?


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  • Just drama. Who's annoying, who's sexing up who, who came to school with a hickey, what stores have the best sales on, what colour of underwear you have on, the list in never ending. I personally can't stand gossip about other people, but just having girl chat about anything and everything is nice in lower doses. Chicks love to gossip because it can be anything from a subtle form of bragging, fishing for compliments, harmless chat to fill time, and advice on everything under the sun. It's basically tuning in to the local news, most of it is inconsequential bits and pieces, but every so often there are big events. Like don't be alone with that teacher, he attempted to rape a student in his old school (it happens more then most people know), and that boy spikes any drink in sight.


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  • EVERYTHING whos hookin up with who whitch guy is hot whos a player whos cheater what guy theyd marry how many kids they want what to wear why your friend isn't fast dieting and they talk about it because we are all bored and it seems so funny sometimes to be so immature =3 pluss guys don't understand our language or why we are so obsessed over little nothings that even that amuses us ^_^

  • Idk that is how girls are, and I think that is why I like history. Girls like gossip, in a way history is gossip!

    I think we are wired to do that but guys do gossip low key in away, just not like girls.


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