What's the most attractive?

So, I have quite a few different styles I have, I love being spontaneous, but I was wondering which one of my styles is the most attractive? (: thanks!
  • Skater (skinny jeans, Osiris kicks)
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  • Rocker (band tee shirt, Skinny jeans, Converse)
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  • Stoner Hippie (Cargos, Jesus sandals, stoner band tees)
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  • Sexy (low cut teeshirts, Tight pants, heels)
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  • Chill ( Baggy T-shirts, Yoga Pants, flip flops)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OK, I voted rocker because it's most popular around New Orleans & I really like it, but all 5 styles sound Sexy & hot, & you can't go wrong with any of them. Even chill sounds hot, because baggy tee shirts can frame the figure just enough to see the shape, yet leave a lot for the immagination to go wild. I believe a girl's styles give an insight into her likes & personality, & you sound AWESOME! Any guy would be lucky to find such a girl! If I could have voted all of the above, I would have...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Umm, I dunno. Skater or Rocker maybe. Stoner isn't really sexy at all nor is Chill. Sexy is hot too, but I prefer cute to hot so more attractive to me is probably skater or rocker (but even then they aren't the exact thing).


What Girls Said 1

  • what do you like the most?


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