Hot pink on this guy?!?!

Well to the ladies who are attracted to darker men, what do you think about them wearing a hot pink?


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  • Hot Pink is hot on a darker looking guy. It looks better on them than lighter skin guys. It just depends how its done. The use of hot pink needs to be only used to add *pop* to an outfit and its better if its not matched up with another hot pink item.. that might be too much. i.e A hot pink handkerchief in suit pocket; A hot pink shirt no tie under a black/charcoal suit for a wedding; hot pink boardshorts, polo shirt, etc

    The only item that I dislike is a hot pink tie ESPECIALLY worn with an all black suit and black shirt.

    Also when you go hot pink you have to buy good quality because hot pink can be a tricky colour.


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  • omg ! lol

    That would be lol

    Darker men should wear blue (turquoise) or green

    Wheatish guys and fair ones may wear pink

    But then , if the darker guy has attractive facial features, then he won't look that ridiculous :P

  • I think it would really work on you!

    Go for it!


  • if its a polo, hot.

    or those shorts that you boys seem to like.

    other than that, ew.

  • no. no. no. stay away from it


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