Why bugging me about his look?

OK so I am dating and a lot of my friends are like oh my god he's so ugly and all but you know he's not perfect I know that but I think he is just fine I like how he isn't perfect and far from being. But they keep bugging me about his look and all yet even when I tell them I don't mind they still continue. Now my other friend doesn't like him at all so I have to keep him away from her and all which really bugs me. He has a bad past but I looked beyond that he's really nice otherwise. Why do they care so much about look? I don't think it's much important I rather want someone with a nice personality like he does if you get to know him and look further in him. How to make my friends accept that I don't mind his look imperfection I love him and that's all that matters isn't it?
so I told my friend that hates him not long ago that I am dating him and she said if I'm happy she's happy but I don't know if she means it I really hope she means it we had a conversation about it and I hope I proved my point perfectly clear


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  • I think its hard at your age not to care what your friends think. You sound a lot more mature than your friends. I think its great that you can look pastphysical looks and imperfections. You are seeing a person for who they are and that's the important thing. It sounds like you have a good guy, its what is inside that matters and as long as you are happy that's what matters. Girls can be petty, perhaps they are jealous. But, if they don't think he's cute, at least they won't try to steal him ! lol jk. But while they are dealing with the cocky superficial jerks, You will have a good guy. And just explain to them that you care about who he is not what he looks like and to get over it... if they are real friends they will get used to it.

    • Thank you I was wondering if anyone would say the exact thing as you said I know my friends are really into the good looknig jerks kind of guy to them I'm seeing a jerk not only for physic but for past trouble is it much of an issue?

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    • Im so glad you told her! And I'm glad she accepts it. Even if she doesn't mean it, at least she's trying to be a good friend. Things could hv gone a lot worse like her flipping out or something lol. Just keep an eye out, now that she knows she might come to you with more rumors but try not to listen. I'm so glad everything worked out for you! Congratulations, good luck and be happy!

    • thank you :) I really hope everything will be fine too hopefully

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  • I take it your friends are young?

    Basing your opinions solely on looks alone sounds a bit shallow.

    Sounds like you need new friends

    • We are still young I just like to think more wisely sometimes tho I still act stupid but when it comes to dating I think outside of look I think about personality and a lot of people well mostly girls have high standards on dating a guy which I don't get why but no my friends are really good in any others things well at least the one I hang out with the most some of them are just too protecting and keep talking about his past issues

  • Girl you are gold. He's lucky to have you. You sound very mature for your age. You love him for WHO he is and that's all that matters. Your friends are being very shallow and it's none of their business who you date.

    • thank you yes it is true they are they know it but they are thinknig for them they don't know the whole reason why even when I try to explain to them they don't always understand that I care mostly for his personality because really who wants a jerk yeah he might be a jerk to other but for me he makes me feel so much happier

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  • Uh, just tell them to shut the hell up! They're not being really good friends.

    Now if he was treating you badly, or being a jerk to them or something I'd understand. But because of his looks? Pfff. They need to grow up.

    Tell them squarely you don't care what they think of his looks, and if they don't stop acting like idiots, just ignore them.

    • i explained them all I had in my mind and all they said is if he treats yuo like sh*t they would make him cry and regret it

    • Well that's good! That's what friends do.

      But judging him because of his looks is shallow, immature and, overall, not okay.

    • thats what I said they understood after

  • You do not need to justify why you like this boy. Friends should understand that.

    • They somewhat understand the fact that I don't care about look and that I only care about who he is and the rest and that he really loves me people judge him because of his past but I mean yeah it wasn't pretty and just really stupid but I mean at the same time they judge him on that which to me the past might not me that much of a problem tho

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    • You ignore it, and stand by him. They'll pick up on the fact that you're devoted to him for a reason.

    • true but I'm not use to be in a relationship it's my first time actually we actually started dating at the end of 2010 then people knew and they were bugging me everything they said were staying in my head so I had to broke it off and he was tired and did a mistake I thought it was true bcause of it then I realized it wasn't quite it and some months later which is this month started dating again I have some people I don't want to tell them or they will try to keep me away from him

  • Sounds like you need some new friends, well maybe not the one who is happy if you are happy.

  • Find better friends!

    • i thought of it for one of them yet I'm scared for some reason

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    • Nope, that's less normal. I'm sorry. You should never have to fear for your physical safely. She is definitely not your friend.

    • yeah but I mean I know its something she would do and well I had the guts to tell her and I think she accept it but I don't know if she really did

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