Guys, what attracts you to a girl?

i really want an HONEST answer. is it looks more than personality? or confidence? or being hot?

cause I just feel like I'm flat out unattractive sometimes, cause guys shoo me away so fast. I'll talk to them, we'll have a good conversation.then when I try to hang out it's like I have the plague or something.


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  • You've got to be kidding if that's really your must get hit on all the time. Are you fishing for compliments here?

    But to answer your question, guys are attracted by women who don't play games, who are genuine and honest, and don't take advantage of their looks to get over on a lot of us who are easy prey for an attractive woman.

    They pay attention even to guys who aren't 'cool' or drive hot cars.just for example.

    But I still wonder what is going on here. Do you have a certain reputation? That's the only way guys wouldn't flock around you just because of your looks and you certainly know that.

    • Aw thanks that's sweet. ummm. I'm really not fishing for complements though, it happens to me like ALL the time. I'm pretty tall I guess, so does that like intimidate guys?

    • OK, sure , that really will keep guys away who aren't at least your height. Silly, I think, but most guys are like that. All tall girls have the same means that if you like a shorter guy you will have to make the first move...

    • How about a best answer since I was cheated out of best answer on your follow up about tall women....???

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  • For me I'm naturally first drawn to a girls looks. She doesn't even have to be hot really, I've been attracted to girls that I would consider a "5." I'm big into nice white teeth, nice eyes, skin, etc.

    However I would not consider dating a girl who is hot but I couldn't stand her personality. Looks is always a good first impression, but a great personality always leaves a better thought in my head.

    My last girlfriend was a model, beautiful and amazing in bed, but I just couldn't stand her personality and I was bored so I dumped her.

  • I agree that given you looks normally you'd have TOO MUCh attention. Is there something you aren't telling us? I hate to be cynical but gee, looking at your picture.

    I am attracted to women who are open and honest, and who have courage, moral courage. The kind of woman who isn't afraid to ask difficult questions even if they are embarrassing to her.

    Even if that makes her unpopular in general, since you have to be a conformist to be popular.

  • Um, you look pretty attractive if that's you in that picture. It could possibly be that the guy is shy and may feel intimidated by attractive girls, I mean I've kinda had that problem. I have liked this one girl for a while and I find it hard for me to approach her in public, especially if she is with her friends, as I don't know any of her friends. And she is definitely attractive so believe me, that can be intimidating. If you talk to guys a lot and are friendly to them I shouldn't think you'd have much of a problem, but then again, I'm not a girl haha.

  • I am attracted to a girl who likes me, who looks nice ( butt, boobs, legs, eyes, smile ),

    who is nice. Someone who can hold her own in a conversation and tell it like it is ( is honest ).

    A quirky sense of humour and understanding wouldn't hurt either.

    As for you, I don't get it. Why would guys avoid you?

    • That's what I'M trying to figure out. it's just like there's NOBODY. like I don't even really have any options.

  • first of are don't feel un-attractive.eva lol

    its really just a combo of looks (to draw interest).then her personality (to keep me interested)

  • nothing wrong with you're look , you're attractive and pretty , sum guys are attracted to the looks and not the personality or the confidence , me I don't focus on the outside only ,


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