Besides confidence, GUYS, what is something that attract you to a girl?

Personality traits, looks. etc...


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  • personality:

    I'm an affectionate dude, so I like an affectionate female. I would find it discouraging if she was an emotional rock, unable to reciprocate my affection. Believe it or not...guys do have emotional needs lol.

    Communication & trust MUST be there, although imo this shouldn't even have to be said.


    I am a HUGE fan of the "girly girl" look. Painted nails, girly-esque clothes (u know what I'm talking about), some attention given to her hair, & (a little) makeup (esp. eye makeup; such a turn-on) is the look that seems to attract me the most often. In a nutshell...I like my women to look as feminine as possible.


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  • Kindness, a girl can be as pretty as the sunrise, and if she treats others like she is as pretty as the sunrise, then it is a complete turnoff. Everyone is equal in God's eyes, and if she thinks she is better than everyone, she then looks as ugly as dirt. So girls don't be conceded, it makes you look stupid and as ugly as dirt :)

    -Humble Christian Guy 20

  • well, in all honesty the initial attraction to someone is on looks, so all these people that say "personality is more important"- you don't get the chance to know someone without the initial looks attraction.

    Next for me is that persons humour and whether they can a joke. Then it is all about their interests and how you "fit" together.

  • -Great personality: Honesty, loving, thoughtful

    -Shes not a slut

    -Looks: Mainly a real pretty/beautiful face, body does help too but not so important

    -Goals in life :)

  • For me personality matters at lot more now than when I was younger. I think mist guys like a fun, sweet girl who is smart and has a positive outlook on life while being genuine.

    Guys don't like girls who create drama out of nothing, or who are bitchy and always complaining. She can't be fake or playing games or ditsy.

    As far as looks go, I think more guys prefer slim and fit girls, but there are exceptions. Lots of guys are OK with overweight girls if they still have a curvy hourglass shape. Not all guys are into boobs, some care a lot more if a girl has a nice waist and butt.

    But of course in terms of looks your face and hair matter most. Nothing beats a nice smile.

  • its all about compatibility and guys make sure someones right before taking a swing.


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