Why do girls always refer to me as kid?

They refer to me as "that kid" if they don't know my name. I'm 21, therefore not a kid anymore... Do they do this because they think I look young or is a guy a "kid" up until like 25 or something?


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  • It probably has to do with the way you dress/act/talk

    possibly has to do with your physical looks and maybe the tone of your voice.

    someone who dresses close to "skater" and "emo" or "scene" styles would be more classified as a kid in my mind. not knocking those fashion genres (or ways of life or whatever) because I find them very attractive. but also, the "grown up" side of my brain does see it all as more of a "kid" classification.

    verses classic t-shirt and comfortable jeans kind of guy would be seen as more as a... well... guy.

    If that "guy" has strong leadership qualities, shows mature confidence, and has a noticeably mature body, then I'd think of him as a "man" most likely.

    So there are probably very few 21 year olds who would come off as a man in my oppinion. I dunno. I kinda went into a lot more detail in this answer than I planned ha ha hope that helps


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  • I call a lot of people "kid", regardless of their gender or actual age.

  • Lol or they just like messing with you?


  • Because they are older than you & consider themselves wiser than you are


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