Is it wrong that I compare the two when I only know one personally?

I've been friends with this guy named David for awhile now but he has liked me since our last year of middle school while I see him as an older brother. Then, there is this younger guy that I do not know personally but find attractive. For some reason when I was daydreaming, as usual, I started to compare the two with David coming up as the lesser.

When, I'm around David a sense of gloom swirls around me and I become even more self-concious than I already am. It truly isn't pleasant but he has this aura that just draws you in while the rest of your mind and body screams run. He constantly thinks he is right even when proven wrong. Sometimes when he looks at me it is if he wants to swallow me whole which scares the hell out of me. Truly, the only thing that I think draws him to me is that I stick to being what he thinks is the true me, I act how people want me to act even though I dislike it but am myself when I'm not with friends or family, which doesn't earn me many friends.

Then, there is the boy lets call him Quinn. When, ever I see him a warm feeling comes over the upper half of my body as if I'm standing in-front of a fire and my heart gives a hard thud. I see how he interacts with other people every now and then and it is how I long for people to act around me, playful and carefree almost loving. Instead of the stiff and serious or self-centered and arrogant that I despise but am constantly handed leaving me to go into my aloof and introverted state. He just seems like someone I can see myself getting close to but I'm far too afraid to take the risk.

Their similarites: They both have dark hair and eyes with an olive skin tone, trouble with acne and can be stereotyped as goth

Differances: Quinn's hair is more of a dark brown while David's is more jet black, I tolerate David while I like Quinn, one scares me a little while the other doesn't at all, I'm friends with David and not Quinn, David is tall and chubby, Quinn is short ( I'm 5'1 and he looks to be 5'8) and slim, I could see myself loving Quinn if given the chance, I can see myself hating David

I know I'm freaking crazy and its probably wrong to do this.


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  • You're probably right, and if you describe one to be an older brother.. it's better off you keep it like that. We don't want an incest type of relationship. It sounds to me like you really like Quinn so why not pursue?

    • I think Quinn might have a girlfriend.

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