Should I keep my hair red or dye it black?

Right now, my hair is bright, fake red. Well, it should be. It's faded a bit now. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding if I should keep it red or just dye it black.

Red pros:

My favorite colour. It's amazing.

Red cons:

It's labour intensive. I have to bleach my hair and then dye it, and then redo the colour in a few weeks, and then repeat the whole thing.

I also have to remove all the dye stains from my skin and everywhere else.

I've had it for about 10 months already (the longest I've had my hair dyed any colour, although I've had brown for nearly that long when I was growing my hair out).

Black pros:

It's cheaper to do, it takes less time, and everything doesn't turn black.

I'd also not have to use bleach.

Plus, I haven't ever had proper black hair. Black with pink on top I've done, and blueblack I've done.

I enjoy looking as pale as possible, and with the sun coming out I'm bound to get a couple shades darker.

Black cons:

I'm already super pale, and I don't feel like having people telling me how "pale and gothic" I look. That was for blueblack though, normal black is more flatting on me.

I'd probably miss my red hair (although I have had it for a while, I'm not sure if I'm ready to change it).

What do you think?

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I've decided to keep my red for the time being, it'll just look kinda trashy, but whatever.

When I finally get tired of it, my boyfriend thinks I should do blue.

Then I'll probably try black again, it would be much easier on my if I like it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Interesting note: when you use black hair dye on top of a coloured dye, you will still get glints of the colour underneath when in bright sunlight or fluorescent lighting. I unfortunately found this out when I was in high school and used black dye on top of a lime green because I wasn't a fan of the green and my hair was too fried to bleach again without turning into straw. My hair looked black in normal lighting, and radioactive at school and in the bright Texas sun. Oddly awesome, though a little upsetting at first.

    I'd go with black, though.


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  • I think red looks better in general, but that's just me.


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  • I had my hair black once, and it did stain my skin when I dyed I got bored after a while but I couldn't change it, I had to wait until it grew out because I was told if I bleached it out it would ruin my hair. I did like it and I don't regret doing it, but personally I wouldn't do it again because it took so long to get it back to a lighter colour. I'm getting my hair blond now lol.

    • I've bleached damaged black hair before, no problem. It just takes a lot of TLC to get it decent again.

  • Why don't you just dye it darker red so you don't have to bleach it? I mean you can do black if you want, but it's REALLY REALLY hard to get out once you do. So if you want to go black haired and stay that way, then it's cool, but if you're gonna get bored and want to lighten it again, then it's gonna SUCK.

    • It's a semi-perm. colour. It doesn't hold on dark hair... but yeah, I understand what you're saying. Bleaching from black sucks.

  • Go with black, but LEAVE some of the red around your face to frame it, and a couple of other spots. Two colors, it's okay for your complexion. So.. It's all good. :)

  • black wouldn't suit your pale complection. I think if you wanted to go dark, you should go dark mohogany brown (keep the red tone still since it suits you), not black.

    Otherwise, you should keep your haircolour close to your natural colour.

    • That's pretty good advice, although I really don't like having brown hair. It feels weird and like I'm wearing someone elses hair

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