A guy's opinion on makeup, clothing, and yes...signs if you like us girls?

I know, this question has probably been asked far too many times, but I might as well. Every girl wants to know a guy's preference on these subjects.

okay guys. here are the questions:

first, what kind of makeup do you like on a girl for everyday wear? (if you even like makeup)

second, what types/styles of clothing do you believe most flatter a woman and you would enjoy seeing a girl wear?

and lastly, the most annoying question ever:

what are some for sure ways a girl can tell if a guy is into them?

thanks for your time. have a wonderful day! :D


Most Helpful Guy

  • First question: I don't like a lot of makeup on girls. maybe a little eye liner..

    Second question: For clothing it depends on you and your style... I like trendy chicks tho. stand out you know! I like girls guess or anything that suits ya

    And lastly: Just ask the guy. be straight forward! that is very rare in a girl and is so attractive!


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What Guys Said 1

  • makeup - only eyeliner mascara and maybe a little shadow that's bout it.

    i like girls who wear classy clothes like bebe...

    easy when the girl doesn't look trashy and has class with a stunning smile


What Girls Said 1

  • makeup:

    If I'm going to work or college my usual make up is a bit of eyeliner, tinted moisturiser, a touch of bronzer, lip balm. I only wear minimal make up so I look awake and fresh :)


    I usually short shorts and a singlet (since the weather's been so hot). I also love summer dresses as well. It also depends on what your style is and body shape as to what you should wear to flatter your best assets.

    not sure on the last question either sorry! hahaha :P


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