Cut and style curly hair?

OK I have curly hair. Reallly curly! what are some ways I could cut AND style to make it better looking as in healthy and what are some better ways to cut it! Please! I have dark brown hair and its about two between four inches below my collar bone. PLEASE HELP


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  • ok curly hair is sensitive. the less you bother it the better. it needs gentle shampoo, only light conditioner or just a leave in and some good product. look it up on youtube.

    don't use anything harsh on it. don't over wash or over condition it. only comb it with a wide tooth come in the shower. just wash it, get out and gently wrap it in a towel, put in a bit of curl cream, then gently scrunch it and let it air dry.

    • Thank you so much! Any recommendations on style or cutting it?

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    • it's normal to have different textures of hair. just leave it to be wavy or if you really want, use a curling iron on low to add a few ringlets in the back. if you think the length is pulling it straight, then you can cut a few very light layers where it's straighter.

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