What are some of the things a girl does that you find silly yet cute, guys?

and gurls, what are some of the things a guy does that you find silly yet cute? just curious :)


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  • Girls flirting with their eyes, just smiling and winking. When girls try and copy(mimic) boys that's funny too, and I'm not talking about that manly deep voice stuff, like just stealing your hat and rapping/singing along to a song the guy could like. For example the role that girl plays in Zombie Land if you've ever seen the movie, or this artist name Syd from Odd Future (you'll hear about them soon enough) she's very talented and isn't the typical female you'd see on the streets. (It's hard to explain her situation but she's does silly stuff all the time that's cute)

    That's just my opinion.


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  • when you haven't seen each other in person in a while and she gives you a bear hug and won't let go for a long time

    and when you're sleeping together and I have to get up for work or school so she grabs me or jumps on top of me to try and get me to stay.

  • girls saying they are fat or too skinny when they are perfectly healthy. it's stupid but also gives me a chance to compliment them, which I like to do.

  • when she says she looks ugly in the morning. That's the time when she looks the most beautiful!

  • Cute: Falling asleep on my shoulder :)


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