Guys if you don't mind would you post some links?

biggest girl you would date? attractive body type? clothes you like on a girl? links only please they just help better thanks a bunch


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  • LOVE when girls dress like this link link About the biggest that's my type, but if I really like a girl her weight's no problem no matter how big link Another favorite style link This too link this is cute & popular link but style also becomes immaterial if I like girl


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  • Like this ? link

    I'm so in love with her but she left me:( I don't think I will ever find a girl like her well I don't think you will be able to view it but just let me know

  • Sexiest hair on the planet: Hayley Williams

    Sexiest style: Avril Lavigne

  • I would never date a girl that has no confidence and no personality.

    Stop trying to make yourself into what you think guys want. That will never make you happy.

    Figure out who you want to be and embrace that. There will be lots of guys that like you for who you are.

    • just curious if you didn't want to answer the question you didn't have to...

    • Yeah. Not everybody's trying to mold to the answers they get. They just want to see what people think...

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