Makeup Regimen Suggestions?

Hi. I need help with my makeup. From start to finish, what would you suggest I use (brands, products, etc.)

I have combo skin with some acne, fair complexion, although I'm slooowly getting a tan, brown eyes, black hair, and my pencil eyeliner always bleeds into the crease of my eyelid after a few hours. Ha ha. So, I need help. I'm also satisfied with my makeup as a whole. Thanks.


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  • My profession is in make up, and I would love to help you but I would need a picture to really help you out.

    First off how much are you willing to spend?

    I use a variety of Mac, cover girl etc.

    I would always start with a good moisturizer, followed with a primer [optional], than a foundation IF NEEDED etc, etc ...

    IF you would like I can make a complete make up schedule for you :-)

    Let me know!

    • Yeah, I'd love that. Maybe I'll message you a picture on here. I'd rather not spend a lot, but if it was an absolute necessity, I"m willing to spend what is needed. I will be meeting my online boyfriend in a couple of months, and really want to look nice! :- )

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    • I loooove to play up my eyes. I like a summer look too, though. I guess it just depends on my mood? :D Somedays I want to look more "sexy" and "glamorous," other days, I go for more of the natural look. :-)

    • Ooops I just asked you the exact thing on e-mail. Sounds good !

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