What do guys look for in girls? And What do girls look for in boys?

Looks and Personality.


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  • You should never ever let a guy or a girl tell you 'Looks don't matter.' This is a lie.

    At most, if they were honest and worth believing, they would answer with "Looks help, but that's not all I go for."

    As a male, I look for a girl who has specific features which I believe are tailored to suit my own personal feelings. Dark hair, pale skin and dark prominant features are my personal taste, with a certain dark, but not gothic, type of clothing.

    She also needs to have some personality of her own which will rub off on me later on during the relationship - if she's friendly and bubbly with her own words and sounds for certain things, such as exclaiming 'Cuh!' when annoyed, and so on, that's a good thing. I'll end up picking these up and possibly using them later on which will develop the relationship.

    Alot of people want to avoid baggage, so history is something people of both sexes like to avoid when exploring the opposing sex pool, getting someone with little history with previous intimate encounters is a plus with every relationship.

    That isn't a way of saying 'guys like virgins.' It's simply a way of saying that most guys like to know that there isn't some other guy out there who knows what his current girlfriend is like in that way, as it's very private.

    Guys are very possessive. So they tend to look for girls without history.

    I'm not sure if that answers your question, but I tried. Thanks, if you read it.

    • I read it and it helped. But why do most guys go for dark haired girls?

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    • That's a popular look that guys go for as well, so you needn't worry about that. Eyes are a very powerful part of a relationship and many consider brown eyes to be boring and common. Blue eyes can hold so much more depth than brown eyes, and can be a powerful tool in captivating them. :)

      Pale skin and blond hair makes you a fair person, and some guys prefer that to dark girls. It's a matter of taste and everyone is different.

      Nothing is ever a bad look, so you have nothing to worry about.

    • Okay Thanks You (:

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  • id say about 40% looks 60% personality cause a good personality is what you SHOULD want and good looks SHOULD just be a bonus

    I made should caps cause honestly that's what a guy should look for in a girl not just looks cause its kinda low and its not who I am


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