He keeps looking at me.... But it doesn't make sense. Am I just over-analyzing?

We've never met, we just have the same lunch period. Anyway, a few times this year I've caught him looking at me (3-4 times), so I just thought it was a coincidence. But today, I caught him looking at me and he didn't turn away so I just kept looking at him for a second or two but then got nervous and looked away. The whole time, he had been talking to his friends. Later, I would look at him, and he'd look back at me. Other times, I'd catch him looking at me. This happened at least seven times, and all of them he kept talking to his friends. It doesn't make sense though because, as shallow as this sounds, he's popular and I'm not. I don't think it should matter, but the majority of the "popular" kids do. Also, I'm not super attractive. I have a semi-pretty face, but my body is just verging on okay. Also, I'm a freshman, and therefore, considered pretty lame and he's a sophomore or junior. Am I just over-analyzing or is he really looking at me because he wants to (if that makes sense)?


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  • Hi I'm having a similar problem too. I try not to think about it but I can't help it. Guys are really confusing but that's just the way there are I guess. I'm always catching one guy looking at me in class and I don't even know his name. I either catch him looking at me secretly or when he's talking to his friends likewise with you... He never smiles back so sometimes I get paranoid of what he's thinking but maybe it's just a coincedence that every time I look up and see him, he's looking right at me. I think until you actually talk to him more and get to know him you can make a better judgement of the situation. If you like him and think it could go somewhere just keep doing the same things, I'm sure he likes it. Maybe he sees something different in you to other girls. It's no only just about looks.

    Anyway hopefully you'll figure it out for yourself. It's all a part of learning more about guys and yourself. I think he is interested in you! Good luck and try no to over think it. I know how you feel I'm thinking about it a lot too. It's quite funny though, I find myself wanting to laugh most of the time :D.

  • hey man chill...u are not over analysing but being obsrevant and you know what I had the same problem and the only solution is tit 4 tat...do what he does to you ,confuse him ...give him confused and inquiring looks...dont maintain eye contact 4 more dan 3-4 seconds...keep talkin to your frnds while lookin at him...it worked 4 me...the guy asked me out in four days...if there is no response from this guy then just forget him and move on but keep givin the polite smiles and keep your head high...and sweety no girl alive is ugly every girl is beautiful and so are u


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