Looking at me...a coincidence or is something there?

I get to my 2nd period class pretty early so I'm sitting there while others are still passing through the halls. Once I happened to look at the door when this guy passed and he was looking at me too. no big deal. another day that week it happened again. we locked eyes. still... I shrug it off as coincidence. but then it happened again...and again...and again over the following week or two. every time we catch each other looking at each other. its not like I'm staring at the door waiting for him to walk by. I'm just sitting there looking at the board, getting my books out, turning to someone who is talking on the other side of the room, etc...and then I instinctively glance at the door the second he happens to pass by. Its freaky.

So after 8 weeks of this I'm now waiting for him to pass by to see if he looks into the classroom at me (I'm just looking out of the corner of my eye) and he does everyday. Sometime he'll look straight at me and other times it'll just be in my general direction. Sometimes he'll switch it up...like today he didn't look in at all but a minute later he passes by again with a water bottle in hand and later as he returns back to class he glanced in :)

I get the impression that he likes me. I know that I don't glance into classrooms as I'm passing by...and if I do its certainly not into the same one everyday.

Your thoughts on this? maybe he's thinking "there's that weird girl that keeps looking at me everyday" lol but seriously...what's going on here?


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  • He likes you. He's just shy.

    • you think so? we sit next to each other in 4th period & I've seen him glance at me a couple times. Slowly he's worked his way up from 1 comment a day to anywhere between 3-5. Its kinda hard to talk though cause its a film class...90% of the time we're supposed to be quietly watching films. But even when he doesn't speak, he smiles a bunch. :) & he brought me into his conversation that he was having with his best friend...& if I'm about to say something & get cut off he'll ask me later what I was going to say.

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