How to dress when going to a club?

Am a girl , medium size and height ..i was wondering , what kind of clothes should I buy ..oh and shoes? it's going to be my first time going to a club and I don't want to look stupid or weird . any suggestions of the clothes I should wear?
oh the club is in Washington , DC.


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  • Really depends on the geographic location of this "club"..

    In smaller "hick towns" like the area I live in (low population) then your best bet is just a nice pair of jeans, some cute shoes, and a tshirt.. The real emphasis would be on external things like your hygene (hair, acne, etc - all play a role), and that's what would set you apart in this type of venue.

    In more populated areas, you've got so many different "styles" of venues that I really couldn't give you "one correct answer".. You have venues for "mosh pits", "dubstep concerts", "hip hop clubs", etc.. So your gonna have to trust your gut or talk to some friends which frequent THAT specific venue frequently.

    What I CAN tell you, is that it's not so much about your appearance that drags attention (unless you have a rockin' body, which I don't :P).. But instead, it's more-so how you behave.. If your having fun with all the people around you (yet rarely touching / dancing / etc with guys around you) then it makes you look a lot more appealing because your the fun girl which no one can tell if she's taken or not.. And that "natural curiosity" will spark a lot of interest.. Obviously it doesn't play out the same way if you just stand in a corner hoping people will come to you.. Be active and have a fun time. That's really the best way to go.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • thanks for your input and its a hiphop club

    • For a hip hop club.. I take to girls who have a really cute top. The pants and dresses I have an indifference for.. It's really about the "top" and the hair.. For me atleast. Hope you have fun :P

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  • people go kind of dressy casual. Just go in a nice pair of pants/slacks & a nice blouse or top. Shoes, it's not a big deal but you want to be comfortable, especially if it's a dance club. Just wear a nice pair of flats...

  • I love it when a girl wears a tight skirt, tight or not... Definitely cool with a little v-neck or low cut top if you're not too shy. Jeans and stuff like that are not so hot for girls to wear at the club.


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    • Wow! $850 for a dress and Louboutin shoes are a little OTT for a working girl like me. Great looks, but if I could afford such things, I'm afraid I'd always be worried about getting something spilled on them or having my shoes stepped on or scuffed or something.

      Dress comfortably so you can move when you dance. I like to wear comfy slacks and a nice tee with hot accessories or sometimes a dress or skirt and top. Shoes should be comfy for standing, dancing, walking.

      Have fun!

    • i wasn't saying buy those items. but those are styles to work from

  • Well... I've never been to a club but you don't want to yell I'm a whore. and you won't want to be called the saint either... so a knee high dress... maybe strapless. form fitting but not to tight that you can't move. something hot. but not formal. and a heel. a normal heel. not a hooker heel which is huge.. like a wedge or a heel, kitten or normal.


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