Is he flirting with me through texts?

Theres a dude who I recently met who gave me his number. Rught when I started texting him we were texting for hours and he was really opening up to me about himself and would compliment me on my looks and body. Would it be considered flirting or a sign of him liking me if his last text he sent me in the evening was "night sweet dreams <3". And a few days later I send him a morning text and he responded saying "good morning sunshine!". ?


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  • Comments like that are more of a personal touch to liven up or end a coversation... Like calling somone hun or yelling "hey pretty girl" so its non conclusive on this...

    But if he commented on your looks or body during the text then that's flirting..

    But opening or closing texts are maybe maybe not..

    Ive opened a text once with "pretty girl" and it was a flirt

    But I've also opened with "hey girly" it was a flirt sorta but not really ment

    It depends on what type of person he is. And how you take it..

    If you like him and think its a flirt you can do 2 things..

    1. Flirt back.. If you like him it never hurts to flirt a little more

    2. Act baddly.. That's right act like its in insult or somthing.. Confuse him... If he likes you he'll explain or he'll make youfeel better..if he doesn't like you he'll not respond or argue back...

    Warning... Don't do this to a shy timid guy you like... I rearly recomend this type of action due to the fact evey one willtake it diffrently shy guys even worse...

    Id stick to the first one :)


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