Is she attracted or curious?

a girl caught me looking at her and we maintained eye contact for 8 seconds twice in 10 mins...during that time she was studying...girls do you maintain eye contact with a guy who you don't find attractive?


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  • i think she is attracted to you

    if I accidentally caught someone looking at me and I am not intersted in him I will avoid to look at him because I don't want to give him false hope. but if I am interested I will maintain eye contact. so.. good luck cause it seems like she is only waiting for you to approach her.

    if you're not so sure, here are some signs that she likes you.

    -she smiles at you

    -looking at you often

    -maybe playing with her hair or something ih her hand

    i can't recall other things but you'll know if she's into you


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  • No, if she were maintaining eye contact it means she is attracted.


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