Has Anyone Gotten Rid of "Arm" Stretch Marks After Losing Weight?

I'm 5'11'' and let myself get up to 252 pounds for no good reason, just being a loser.

That's all changed now, I'm 220 pounds and continuing to lose more.

However, my inner biceps region is covered in stretch marks, some reaching the crease of my elbow joint. Losing 32 pounds has not made them any less noticeable. Applying Coco Butter is a quick fix that by no means solve the issue. In other words, Coco Butter is one of the most useless purchases I've ever made. Those rumors about Coco Butter being a remedy are garbage.

Has anyone managed to lose significant weight and notice stretch marks fade? I'm discouraged... I can't flex my muscles because of them. Girls will get so turned off.


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  • Try bio oil. It works wonders on stretch marks and scars.


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  • They do fade eventually, in the meantime keep doing what you are doing. But stretch marks do fade, I got some on my hips when I was going through puberty, same deal. They have since then faded. Since your weight loss is more recent, they are still visible. If it really bothers you try putting foundation makeup on them. Or some kind of powder. I know that sounds weird but it might help make them less noticeable, if you are really bothered by them. But congrats on the weight loss!


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