He keeps looking at me but I don't know what he's thinking?

Hi I'm having a confusing problem. I'm always catching one guy looking at me in class and I don't even know his name. I either catch him looking at me secretly or when he's talking to his friends. He never smiles back so sometimes I get paranoid of what he's thinking but maybe it's just a coincedence that every time I look up and see him, he's looking right at me. I always feel quite awkward around him because we both keep having awkward moments of eye contact but I don't know if he does it on purpose? I always end up looking away, I don't bother to check again becasue I feel that he might think I'm the one staring at him. I'm not though. It happens quite a lot. One day I was in class sitting down, busy on my phone... I look up and he's right at the front of the class waiting to sign the register but... he's looking right at me! I just casualy look away. I'm sure he knows I see him looking at me :s...In our next class my friend was like "oh she's here"... One of our friends that is normally late for class lol. So I quickly looked towards the door to see her but instead I look right at the guy! He's looking right at me and we kept eye contact for a while but he never smiles so my facial expressions are always blank. I just looked away as usual and carried on talking to me friend. I kind of wanted to laugh because it seems so silly but I don't want my friends to know. Maybe the guy thinks I'm wierd? :s. I don't know if I'll ever know what he's thinking. I just hope it doesn't get anymore awkward. Does anyone have the same experience? lol. Is there a way that will definitely let me know if he likes me? :/


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  • if he only stares at you, he likes you!

    Sounds like one of those situations of: he likes her, she likes him, everyone knows except themselves.

    • :| I guess.. When you say everyone knows? You mean everyone else knows? Lol. I hope not. That would be embarrassing. I think I may be thinking about it too much. It's proably because a guys has never looked at me this much before and it confuses me lol... from what I see he looks like a nice guy but I would have to talk to him to find out. I wouldn't mind just being friends, it's much easier than all this weird staring. I'm not into the whole mysterious staring. lol

    • try to see if he stares at other girls. if he does, maybe he's just a flirt.

      Maybe you could try to talk to him when you two are alone.

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