How to take care of thick hair?

Okay so I have long, dark, thick hair that is pretty straight but I still have to straighten it every morning. With summer coming up id rather have a style that takes less time with the pool and beach and all that. I really like scrunched hair but I have such a hard time getting my hair to do that, it always comes out frizzy and then the scrunch doesn't hold. Id like it if you guys could maybe help me find a way to make it work, especially those that have the same problem, I'd rather not resort to a perm unless I had to. thanks :)
ALSO: include products that you found have and haven't worked


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  • Braid it and leave it until it's dry, then use some surf spray. Your hair's going to get frizzy when it's humid out, so you might as well rock the messy look.


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