Do butts and busts make all the difference?

Do all guys care about how big a girl's bust or butt is? It seems that even good guys, judge us on our bodies, and use our bodies to determine whether or not we're worth the time.


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  • That is not all guys care about. But the truth is for both sexes, if a woman isn't attracted or finds a man appealing in some way she might not give him the time of day, or might just be his friend. If a man isn't attracted to a woman he might feel the same thing, or only feel friendship for a girl if he likes her as a person. Biologically men subconciously look at a woman's body as a sign if they are a healthy potential mother.

    I learned a saying from a woman, and I think it has some truth to it: Looks will get you through the door, personality keeps you in there.

    Many times though personality can overcome you being judged for your body.

    Focus on being the best you. If you don't have a models body, have pretty hair (demi moore is hot and in her forties, and has her hair washed in bottled water! I'm not saying do this, but work with what you have). Get manicures and pedicures. Exercise, dress well. Read, develop your social skills. Develop yourself spiritually. Be hot inside. Present your self for the kind of man you want and one will come.


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  • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Guys just think Why waste time on a chick without them when I could be spending alone time with some girls who do have some.