Girls I'm an emo boy can I wear eyeliner if I have small eyes?

can any girls help me thack you

only girls Ask Answer
girls can you help


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  • i have the same problem...except I'm a girl and not emo

    if you wear the eyeliner on the outside of your eyelashes, top and/or bottom, it'll make your eyes looks larger rather than smaller

    don't even try putting it on the rim of your eyes, it will make them look really really small


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  • Dark eyeliner, if it's worn all the way around the rim of your eye, will actually make your eyes look a lot smaller... If you don't wear it around the entire rim of your eye, it will look feminine. I think your best bet is to steer clear of the eyeliner all together, and just focus on your clothes and accessories, if you really want to be seen as "emo..." Although I don't really understand why you'd want to. But to each their own. :) Good luck!

  • i don't think that putting the eyeliner would be a good idea

    it will look smaller , if the color of your eyes is dark ,well that will make it even worst

    just put a very thin line on the button

    and focus more on your clothing , your haircut , and accessories

    i wish I helped :))

  • try a little mascara instead? I know, that might sound not cool but I thought it looked good (just a little). Otherwise, go for a light liner (like brown)


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