What is this look in his eyes?

So one time I was with my boyfriend and he was just about to leave. We had a makeout session and I was talking with him in the hallway of my house. We were talking about our relation ship and some embarrassing things then I thought about giving him a kiss and before I could give him a kiss goodbye then I saw something in his eyes. It kind of scared me, so much that I backed myself into the wall and he stepped forward. That look was so intense but I had never come across that look ever before. It made me feel aroused but at the same time I was scared and fearful... What is this look in his eyes that electrifies my senses in more ways than one?


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  • It's called "desire." It means he wants you, really badly, RIGHT NOW. It's an animalistic response to being stimulated by someone he is heavily attracted to.

    • how do I satisfy that 'desire' without sex?

    • How do you satisfy a starving person without giving them food? A: You can't.

      Of course, there is the context of age: if you are both young, he probably won't expect sex, even though he and his body wants it. In that case, kissing/making out may be enough of a "snack" to tide him over.

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