How can you tell if you like a guy?

Please let me know what you think about this. I have been friends with this guy I'll call Mike for about a year. I suspected that he liked me initially because he asked for my number and always wanted to do me little favors. Recently, I think I have felt sexual tension when I'm with Mike. For example, I really enjoy talking to him, and we share a lot of the same opinions. Sometimes I look at him and think he's cute. However, I never fantasize about kissing him and don't want him to touch me. Do I like him, or am I just leading him on?


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  • It sounds like he's growing on you in the "like" department. "Love by proximity" if you will, those who you like (platonic-ly) for a long time tend to grow on you in other ways. Though, its not that more instant crush sensations all at once deal, it starts in the smaller things (like,"wait.he's cute, why didn't I notice that before", etc thoughts). It just works backwards because you befriended the person first and are now noticing all the 'lusty' things second (that people tend to credit to the rest of their crushes first).

    Thats one reason why you may not fantasize about the kiss,etc. The other may be a fear that those kind of thoughts or activities will sabotage the friendship. But by that same token, nothing is going to progress if you keep it that way. (or not very quickly).

    But it sounds like he truly used to like-like you, and probably some part of him still does and could come right back. Just play it as yo go and see how things go!


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  • ive been through the same thing and I can assure you that you don't like this guy when your friends with a guy, especially one that you know likes you there is obviosuly going to be some extent of sexual tension and when you spend a lot of time with people you tend to only notice their good features making them seem cute and stuff however the only reason there is quite a bit of sexual tension is because you know that if you wanted to you could have him right now making you feel empowered and if you haven't had anyone for a while this could make you become desperate where you delude yourself your falling for him don't fall for the trap.only way out is to find someone who you really like and spend time with them

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