Is this good to hear from a girl about your body?

Not trying to sound conceited, I just thought this was funny.

I was walking back from a party and some girls (who were friends of my friend) started walking with us.

My friend said "Hey (my name) show them your abs!" The one girl said "You have abs? Let me see them!" I said no a few times. But eventually I lifted up my shirt and showed them.

She was a few feet in front of me and said "Oh wow you have "The Situation" abs!".<---I think it's that guy from Jersey Shore?

She said it then turned around and kept walking.

I thought girls loved abs.

Girls, would you be more sexually attracted to a guy with abs like that?


Most Helpful Girl

  • abs are definitely a plus. it's not so cool to go around showing them off or anything, but yeah... doesn't hurt.

    • i know...but they kept asking :(

    • oh, yeah, I don't mean you were in that case.

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What Girls Said 1

  • yes I would.


What Guys Said 3

  • Technically speaking... the situation's abs are genetically retarded looking (although they're still abs so they still look good to some girls)

    they are a lot more weird looking, sort of like a slanted 4 pack lol, so maybe that's why she walked away ?

    I drew a pic in paint to show you what I mean ha ha


    • lol, your an artist

    • yeah I looked at a picture of his. His ARE kinda weird looking. I have a set of six. Maybe she meant they were cut like his? Meh she seemed dumb anyway

    • well I mean if she seemed disappointed, this would be my guess lol

      but I haven't seen your abs so I don't know ha ha

      and thnx italian LOL

  • I'd say so, Girls ask me something similar the odd time... My abs aren't exactly ripped out, but they are better than the average guy. Usually they ask because my arms are rather large in proportion to my torso.

  • lol compliments always feel good, from the casual hey sexy guy what you up to? to the oh I bet you have to work out a lot to keep your body hot like that to even the, you look very nice today =P lol its really funny


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