Is eye contact a good thing?

I'm walking in the store and I've been there a few times. Their is a guy who works there. The women said I can go first. So I said okay, the guy saw me. We made eye contact and his eyes got big and eyebows are both up. So I asked him what I needed and they didn't have it so I looked at him and he smiles big.


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  • but pls try some more times to make sure that he is interested with you

    • I think he is..cause he comment on my shirt and he said he liked it and he smiled. I said something back and he smiled so big and couldn't look me. his really shy..

    • I agree. I mean what even makes this guy shy? It sounds like he's hitting on you at the store (or just staring at your boobs)... so ... he doesn't sound shy...

      Personally I would never ask a guy out just on the basis of eye contact. I mean isn't eye contact one of those things where... everyone is just supposed to do it.

      Also, if he's shy he wouldn't be making eye contact. Period.

    • I agree what your saying. But eye contact is more than just looking at someone. I mean, I can look at someone but never give eye contact to them in that way. This time it was different and it hold for a awhile. But its the way he acts around me. I know a shy guy..when I see one.

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  • yes, he likes you, eye contact is probably the biggest signs that a person really cares about you

    -Humble Christian 20

    • He acts like he shy. So I just make the first move?

    • yes, if he is shy and making eye contact like you say he is then you just need to make the first move

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  • Eye contact is a good thing but I think that the guy should make the first move, it's always possible for the girl to make him do this. even a shy guy...believe me.. I like to make shy guys do this ))

    • I see, maybe I should just ask for his name and see what he does.

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