Cartilage piercings, girls?

I really want one. I am thinking about getting it done with a gun. No needles at all. Could any ladies tell me if it hurt really bad when you got it done with a gun? Thanks!


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  • i got last year around new year , I did use the gun. NO NEEDLES!:)

    to me it was kinda like a quick pinch ,

    BUT... for a few weeks expcially the first week it was really sore when moved around .

    it has to stay in a while so when cleaning it be gental:)

    thats the bestadvice I can give you .

    just rember to constantly clean it & it will be worth it

    • Does it hurt worse or as much as a ear lobe piercing? Sorry, I have no pain tolerance! hahaha

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    • ohh okay(:

    • Oh okay(:

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  • Don't get a cartilage piercing with a gun. It's much worse for you than a needle. I found this online that explains why:

    "One final note on ear cartilage: Never never never let anyone pierce your cartilage with an ear piercing gun! You are virtually guaranteeing yourself an extended healing time with extra pain and scarring. Guns were not designed for piercing structural tissue, and can cause damage. Furthermore, the studs the guns use are too short to allow for the swelling caused by gun piercing. If the tissue is restricted during swelling, it is prone to more scarring. Using a gun to pierce cartilage opens the door to a whole slew of possible complications. Don't do it"

    You can just do a google search and any reputable source will tell you never to pierce cartilage with a gun.

    • No its not! I don't see why everybody says that! "It is NOT bad, guns will NOT shatter your freakin cartilage.The gun is perfectly safe and clean. It doesn't even touch your ear. The part that touches your ear is discarded afterward and never used again." This is what I found.

    • I didn't say anything about guns being unhygienic. A needle is sharper and less blunt so the piercing will be easier on your cartilage and should heal better. You can do whatever you want. I don't really care, but I'm just telling you that there is a greater chance of something going wrong with a gun verses with a needle.

    • Like?

  • Plaxico Burris style?

    • whats that?

    • He's a dumbass football player who accidentally shot himself in the leg.

      (Pierced with a gun)... bad joke.

    • oh haha

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  • I found the piercings I had done with a needle hurt a lot less, they all hurt about the same when they were healing. I have the cartilage on my right ear done twice, both with gun and it's like a really sharp pinch that throbs for a few hours then pretty much it only hurts if you lie on it (I usually lie on my right side so that was annoying) for about a week or two. You need to make sure you clean it properly as well, but that goes for any piercing. Oh, and for the love of God be careful when brushing your hair!

  • I've heard that getting it done with a gun is dangerous. Getting it done with a needle doesn't hurt in the slightest.

  • Definatly use the GUN,

    needles hurt like sh*tt!

  • Getting it done with the gun is much more BETTER than with the needle . And it DOESN'T hurt as much as a ear lobe piercing


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