What are the top five things you look for in a girl/guy? Looks/Traits?

For me its:

1. Intelligence

2. Confidence

3. Have good morals

4. Humor

5. Decently good looking


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  • 1. Someone who loves music as much I do and brownie points if you can play guitar.

    2. Someone who knows when to be serious and when to be funny. I can't stand girls who laugh and giggle the entire time. I want to sometimes have serious talks about important stuff.

    3. Maturity.

    4. Morals and values. I want her to at least be responsible. I don't like reckless people.

    5. Honesty. She should tell me when she's upset about something I did and be straightforward about feelings. No beating behind the bushes's or fancy tricks and whatnot. Just plain forward simple.


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  • 1. Career planned out/goals/dreams

    2. Humor/ funny/ sarcastic (in a funny way)

    3. Amazing body, thinks about her health and future health

    4. Independent

    5. Nice family, family bonds, and a fat wallet.

    Biggest turn off is a girl who smokes. She could have all of these wonderful traits but I couldn't be with her.

  • Have good morals : I can't tolerate a girl that complain about anything ! , I already know that the world is imperfect no need to tell me this again

    Decently good looking : yah sure a Sexy body and a nice looking face can help a lot. I prefer the hotter girl over the nerdy smart one.

    Humor : Laugh at my boring Jokes please ^^

    Intelligence : I don't believe in intelligence , you can be a stupid person by wasting your time in front of the mirror, or you can be a smart person by reading Books / watching scientific shows and by asking about anything.

    Confidence : yah a little of this one pls..

  • 1. funny/ likes to laugh

    2. smart

    3. lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets

    4. independent

    5. booty (sorry but I can't help it)

  • 1. Large breasts

    2. Firm ass

    3. Long shapely legs

    4. Sexy face

    5. Lots of money

    And in before raging females... I was kidding.

    The real list would be a mix of honesty, intelligence, reliability, looks and humor. I couldn't put it in any order.

  • 1. Intelligence (meaning she has to be driven and ambitious)

    2. Affectionate

    3. Loyal

    4. Attractiveness


  • 1. smart

    2. cute

    3. funny

    4. innocent(ish, doesn't gotta be virgin not a whore tho)

    5. motivated

  • My list is pretty much identical to yours.

  • well I do know for a fact that girls expect way more out of guys than guys do from girls, for me what I like in girls is if they have similiar hobbies, interests, things in common, she is easy to talk to, she doesn't expect me to do all the work, decently good-looking.


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  • 1. Attraction (physical, sexual, mental, emotional)... Some sort of chemistry.

    2. Respect (kindness, loyalty, manners, responsibility... The real deal).

    3. Intelligence. Not necessarily formal education, but someone cultured and educated, who isn't a complete dumbass and is intelligent enough to take care of himself.

    4. A good balance of maturity and immaturity.

    5. Shared values, interests, dreams and the drive to make those dreams come true.

  • 1. Fun-loving

    2. Handsome

    3. Intelligent

    4. Good body built

    5. Religious

  • 1) tall

    2) funny

    3) knows wen to be well-mannered, knows when to be immature and mature.

    4) affectionate

    5) adventurous

  • well... I already have the man of my dreams and he has all of these traits

    1) honest

    2) confident

    3) mature

    4) Makes me smile

    5) good looking

  • 1. Smart

    2. Sweet

    3. Isn't afraid to show emotion

    4. Isn't boring

    5. Takes goodcare of themselves.

  • 1. Nice (kind, empathetic, understanding, good values)

    2. Smart

    3. Funny

    4. Down to earth

    5. Reasonably attractive

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