Into which category do I fall in terms of attraction at the bars/clubs?

I have been reading some questions about why guys go for the less attractive girls at a bar/club. I found that men supposedly find less attractive girls more approachable because the really attractive girls are most likely already taken and/or are intimidating. I know there is some gray area in between the two extremes with consideration to personality and self-esteem so now I am a little confused.

I went out to a really trendy bar this weekend and I gotta say I was on cloud 9! As soon as I would break away from my group of friends a guy would walk up to me and ask me why I am standing alone. They would ask me where my friends were and why I wasn't on the dance floor. I met a group of random guys who we ended up kinda hangin out with on the dance floor, and they kept telling me how sexy I was and blah blah blah. I was flattered, but of course I had no clue what these guys were seeing. By the end of the night, I just knew for sure that I was the ish lol. That is, until I started doin some digin.

This brings me to my confusion. Were all of these guys hitting on me because I was the less attractive approachable girl or because I was the fun loving hot chick?

I think I'm o.k. lookin, but when guys shower me with compliments I find it hard to conceive.Oh, but don't get it twisted. I have a very HEALTHY amount of confidence in my self (far from cocky), but I just started to think about that night. I'm wondering where do I stand? Does it even matter? Ahhh

So let me get this straight-when I wasn't getting approached by guys they said it was because I was intimidating. Now that I have become a friendlier more free spirited person, I've turned into the less attractive, easy girl?


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  • It's really hard to tell if we don't know what you look like because right now all you are to me is a gray blob which could fit into either category of less attractive or super attractive hot chick. But you are right, I think guys will approach girls differently based on that. Attractive women are really hard to approach, and those who are in the more "normal" range of attraction are much easier.

    So even if you did fit in the "normal looking" attraction range, who cares? Most of the guys approaching you I bet aren't super studs either, right? And plus, it means you get more chances with more guys, all you need to do is be careful and not give them too much rope, right?

    • Thank you. You make very good points...I thought to put a discription of myself, but words couldn't give you a good enough mental picture. What's the difference between how a man would approach an attractive girl vs. a less attractive girl? I will say that my hieght takes me out of the "normal" range a little bit (5'11'' +/-), and I did catch 1 or 2 "super studs" sort of checking me out, but they never seem to approach me. (sigh)

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    • As frequently as you breathe? LOL luvs it :D

    • If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

  • First, never trust the opinion of guys at trendy bars; they're just sniffing out prey.

    Second, if you're asking whether you're the hot chick, you're not. Sorry.

    Finally, and most importantly, why do you care? Go have fun.

    P.S.: In trendy bars, guys go for easy; hot you have to buy.

    • LOL. Ok so I'm realizing that I shouldn't have asked this question in the first place because you all obviously can't see me, but thanks for the very candid answer.

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    • First. did I say anything about looks? Second, there's a difference between attractive and hot, especially at a trendy bar/nightclub. (Hint: hot crosses the velvet rope to free drinks.) Finally, in the trendy bar there are two types: predator and prey. If I go to one, I go as a predator or not at all.

    • Thank you Hercules!!!! (applause) And yes I believe your exact words were "if you're asking whether you're the hot chick, you're not." LOL I completely disagreed wiht how you answered initially, but when you break it down between attractive vs. hot maybe I am more on the attractive side than hot. I'll take that but damn! I KNOW I'm not ugly inside or out.

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