A guy took a picture of me in the girls bathroom

Last week, I was in the bathroom stall when I saw a weird object near the bottom of the stall dividers. I looked closer and realized it was the end of a camera phone. I immediately looked and saw unmistakably, that the shoes in the stall next to me belonged to a male. I screamed, and he ran off. I was so shocked and hurt and embarrassed, especially because I was in the middle of changing a tampon. I am a virgin saving my virginity for my future husband, and I am completely torn that another creeper has a picture of me. I don't know what to do; he ran away so fast?

Also, I am 17 (the age put up was for privacy, but circumstances such as these allow for revealing of personal information). Can he be charged becaues I am a minor?


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  • Report the incident to whatever institution runs that bathroom so everyone is aware and on the look out for a peeping tom.

    • What he did was illegal, and probably more illegal because you're under 18. However, if he got away, then, I guess he got away. Maybe he'll try again, that's why you need to inform others.

      Also, even if you put your real age up, it'd still be private, right? Just because you put up "Under 18" it's not like everyone will suddenly know exactly who you are.

    • Yea report it. I wouldn't have suggested screaming though if you hadn't he might already be charged.

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  • You need to report to where ever you were that this happened RIGHT AWAY!

    This man could be doing this to other girls, and you need to help protect them from this horrible situation.

    I'm so sorry that this had to happen to you, I can't imagine the feelings you must be having!

    • YES! He could be charged even if you weren't a minor! The fact that you are will make his charges WAY worse!

      Make sure you tell your parents and everyone else!

  • Report it! My local university had to have cops standing by our women's bathroom because of some perve like this.

  • Wow I am so srry that it had to happen 2 you, but with that you can help prevent it from happening to others. So make sure you report it and feel better, because you will be able to help some one in the long run.

  • That 's so disgusting! what a pervert. You should really report it. I doubt there's anything they can do now because he ran away. :[ but maybe he'll be stupid and try it again, and get caught.

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