Guys, if you have your head turned in the direction of a girl?

what are the odds that you will look at her?

if your head stays in the same position but whenever she turns her gaze on you or looks out of the corner of her eye it looks like you are either looking past her or not looking at her at all. thanks.


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  • It's a little concept called guy-evade-perviness. We want to check you out, but we don't want to make it obvious that we're perving, in case we decide to ask you out. It hurts our chances if you think we're full-blown pervert, which we all are anyway, but still we play it cool.

  • LOL...This happened to me today in a library-esque building

    I was like doing some math and the girl I like sat at one of the computers with her back facing me. At one point she turned around to look in my direction and I just happened to glance up in hers and I was like * OH SHIT! LOOK BACK AT MATH BOOK*

    I hope I didn't look like a stalker :L


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