What are random things you personally or guys in general find attractive?

Like I know for example hot girls with guns is one and stretch pants is another


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  • farm girls

    dorky girls

    girls with glasses

    girls that have an affinity for black nail polish.

    arty girls (non-musical)

    sporty girls

    girls that dress bummy (uncool wear, sandals, shirts to big) but can still clean up nice on occasion.

    girls that wear wife-beaters (see bummy).

    pony tails, pig tails, etc.

    girls with tans (but not fried, just enough for some color, aka not over tanned [fake].)

    funny girls, like guy funny though not girl funny, no offense...this is probably the king daddy of hot for me, girl wise, the other stuff helps though.

    all abstract I know...


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  • Mind you, not every girl can pull off every look, but here are some somewhat "random" things that, when pulled off really catch my eye :

    tight turtleneck

    tight hooded sweatshirt

    untucked button-down shirt with a tie

    a baseball cap

    hoop or dangling earrings (but not the super huge kind)

    I also love watching women put up and take down their hair.


  • funny girls are hot

    smart girls (meaning they keep up with current events and don't just watch reality shows 24/7)

    girls who can watch at least one sport

    girls who aren't too girlie and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty

  • girls that offer good conversation...

    girls that are mysterious ~ that's SO sexy

    girls that smile alot, and laugh

    girls that understand that men have faults

    girls that are strong enough to point out other hot girls, and tease you about it

    girls that wear big hats

    girls that listen to good music

    girls that dress classy, when appropriate

    girls that hug tightly

    girls in really tight spandex that "give you that look, cause they KNOW you're staring at their ass "

    girls that drink good wine

    girls that wear sexy lingerie

    In short, girls like my wife.

  • A barefoot girl in a summerdress


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