Is this a sign that shows a guy has studied a girl's nature?

if he talks like : I`m sure you`d love this or I believe this is your style.

does it tell that he has been spending time to observe what you like and prefer ? and can this be a sign he cares for you?


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  • It's not a bad thing I might be getting ahead of myself. He definitely likes you, I've done this a few times when I like a girl and I can see her being my girlfriend but I won't say he studies your nature, just that he notices what interests you which means he likes you, a lot.

    • thanks ;) that`s what I wanted to know;)

  • Sounds like his trying to hard to impress you. The other alternative is that he wants to control you.

    • it never looked to me like when he said it he was waiting for my reaction, actually when he says it it`s really casual.

      but I don`t know anything about control.would you think this is positive sign anyway?

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