Why won't they ask me out? Is there something wrong?

I'm your average girl (brown hair, blue/green eyes, 5'6) and I Haven't dated a guy in a while. I heard a couple guys like me, I'm not a total loser, but I'm not the most popular. I'm kinda shy, very smart. But why won't they ask me out?!?!? Is their something wrong with me?


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  • Maybe it's your body language.For example, if you have your arms crossed it means that you'd rather be left alone.

    Try to smile more, and to adopt a realxed posture. That might make a guy approach you.

  • no there's nothing wrong with you ! you sound like a very talented girl I've been dating a guy for awhile and take my advice talk to him not to much don't like him think your desprate! see what he does like if he sits on the couch all day and plays games don't go with him go with a guy tha you have a lot in common with! have anymore questions jest ask me I'm here to help wensdays and saturdays!


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